Different Kinds of Landscape Stylists

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As in some others, concepts of landscape designs or even landscaping, in general, can be baffling. What is a perennial? What is an annual? What’s the difference between hardscaping and softscaping? Even the stylists who design the garden can be confusing – landscaper, landscape designer, landscape architect, and landscape contractor. How do they differentiate from each other? Who am I supposed to hire for my project? This article will discuss the different landscape designers or stylists so you will know if they’re the one you need or not.

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1. Landscape Contractor

Landscape contractors can or cannot have a degree in landscaping, but they are registered and licensed in your state. They are experienced professionals who have broad knowledge in building new landscapes, remodeling existing ones, or maintaining them.

They can make drawing designs but then again, they may or may not have a training or educational learning when it comes to landscape designs. Sometimes, they also hire other landscape professionals to create drawings, if not work with their existing drawings. Basically, you hire landscaper contractors to accomplish the job.

2. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are those that went to formal school and finished a degree in landscape architecture. He or she is licensed or registered by your state. They are trained in architecture, engineering, drainage, land grading, land design, and more. Some have a broad knowledge of plants and some don’t.

They are the ones responsible for creating drawings for both residential and commercial landscapes. They don’t conduct the installation, but they will aid you along the entire process. Landscape architects will cost you more than the other designers. You hire a landscape architect for a high degree idea and exact drawing designs.

3. Landscape Designer

Many states limit landscape designers through a state law in what they can and how far they can draw designs. They don’t conduct the installation. In the state of California, landscape designers are not licensed or registered. But they are allowed to create garden drawings. They may or may not have a degree in landscape or horticulture. But they are well-known for their knowledge of plants.

In California, they aren’t allowed to make the drawings or layouts for the landscape. Only architects are allowed to do that. And they can work on both residential and commercial projects. But landscape designers can still ask their clients what design they have in mind and what they want to focus on during installation.

4. Landscaper

A landscaper is the general term for someone who makes designs, handles installations, and maintains the landscape but is not registered, licensed, or have a degree.

Types of Landscape Design Process

1. Design Only

This can be a company that only creates designs.

2. Design and Build

This is a type of company or firm that does the design aspect of the landscape as well as building and installing it.

3. Installation

The focus is entirely on installation and construction.

4. Maintenance

This process focuses exclusively on maintaining the landscape.

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